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"You have nothing to prove, only to share." - Sierra Boggess

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just two friends…

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let the mob do whatever they must

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I only hope to God
That I go first
I couldn’t live on memories
I’m sorry
But I’m not that strong
There are some things in life
You can’t replace
A love like ours don’t happen twice
When all his days are through
Mine will be too

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[8/10] women i have been warned against becoming: musical theatre edition » the girl with strength…

..who can outrun everyone and who is stronger than her boyfriend. “See the thing about boys,” says my daddy, “Is that you have to let them win.” I sat at home and read stories about Artemis and wanted to become the huntress, too. I wanted to howl at the moon, I wanted to slay the beasts that bested me, I wanted to rule my kingdom with bloody fists. But girls are never athletes, never supposed to be “built,” regardless of the fact civilizations were constructed on our spines and we made homes in war by the steel of our ribs. Never be strong. We are supposed to wilt. [insp]

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could this be the something that will last?

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Has anyone mentioned this picture yet because I’m still laughing at it

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"See that you’ve got so much more to be. Before it’s over, before it’s over."

musical theatre female character meme: female character in a male-focused show → rose fenny (dogfight)

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